Portland Cooler Temps + Even Cooler Vibe Bring on the cozy blankets, warm fires and a hot beverage.  It’s FALL and I am here for it! I was browsing through a magazine recently and was so inspired by the warm tones I saw. It instantly calmed my mood and I found myself taking a nice deep breath.  There is just something about […]
Design Meet Cookie! Meet Cookie! ⁠ ⁠ She belongs to my wonderful sellers and it was love at first sight! I just had to ask my mega talented friend Amanda @ thescribblist to create a sketch of little Cookie as a thank you gift. These are such a personal touch for my clients that mean so much! ⁠ […]
Food June is Pride Month! June is PRIDE month!  It’s a month full of celebrating love in all its amazing glory.  Very few cities celebrate love as much as we do here in Portland.  Whether you choose to celebrate by taking to the streets to enjoy our Portland Pride Parade, or supporting LGBTQ-owned businesses and perhaps find a new favorite […]
Food Providore Sometimes I think I’ve set up my life according to the kind of foods and experiences I want to enjoy. Not sure if it’s intentional or not. Do you do that? My work has me driving around different neighborhoods showing homes and I recently noticed that something is different. I no longer drive around town […]
Portland See My Toes Inspired by people that are trying something new this past year? I sure am! I’m always curious to hear the story behind what makes people tick and how they come up with their business ideas. My high “ideaphoria” kicks in whenever I learn something new and I can’t wait to share and match you to […]
Portland Amy’s 2020 Favorites The Mandalorian on Disney+ Watching Sheep Graze in a vineyard on YouTube Pimento cheese dip from Zupans Marinated Bone-In Rib eye steaks from Cason’s Fine Meats The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix Case Study Coffee Roasters’ Bourbon Carmel Latte Portuga wine from my local Cascadia Coffee Meditation with Kristin Fritz Dance Church Brené Brown Unlocking Us podcasts Fireplace – Ambient Moods on TV Watching The Luxury Travel Expert videos in Italy
Portland Watching Sheep Graze Many firsts for me this year. I’ve made Sangria with Drag Queens from Lisbon, spent a night with Merv from Philly performing Magic & Mindreading and enjoyed Harry’s Magical London Virtual Tour with my family online. These activities are part of AirBnB’s Virtual Experiences and it’s a great way to connect when we can’t be together. Some people […]
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