Staged for Success

A well presented home will draw more attention from serious buyers and can greatly decrease the amount of time the home is on the market.

77% of buyers’ agents say that staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize the property as their future home.

49% of buyers’ agents say that staging a home increases the dollar value offered

62% of sellers’ agents say that staging a home decreases the amount of time a home spends on the market

93% of agents recommend that sellers declutter their home before putting it on the market

Staging Pie Chart

Staging vs Decorating? Ask Amy.

Downsizing During a Pandemic

2520 NW Birkendene St, Portland, OR 97229

How do you put a home on the market while living in it with two teenage boys schooling and working from home? We made a plan and it was big! At first the sellers wanted to use their own furniture for staging and stay in the home. They did a great job de-cluttering and getting rid of things they no longer loved or would be needed for staging. We went on the market for 2 weeks then we shifted gears. Were the sellers ready to do the tough work? They were amazing! They moved into their small condo that couldn’t be renovated yet due to Covid-19 protocols (still waiting for renovations), moved out and filled up the garage as a storage unit. All hands on deck, this family worked day and night and it paid off.

This home looked good before, but after clearing out most of their items and bringing in new staging, the home looked fresh and ready for new owners. This is a classic case of what buyers see when viewing a home. Birkendene had everything going for it. Sports court, room to grow, movie theatre and plenty of room and much more. The best way to get buyers to see that was with a whole new look. “What do you want people to see in this home? What’s a room’s best feature?” Then ask yourself “What does a buyer see?” If the answer is a piece of art or a sofa, or your calendar on the wall, then it’s the wrong story. Today’s buyers want fresh & clean & ready to move in. Birkendene was up for the challenge and worked hard for the win!













Rental Condo Looking For New Love

10279 NW Wilshire Lane, Portland, OR 97229

Great space and a good layout would be perfect for a starter home in Forest Heights, but at what price? When I first looked at this home, the out of town owner didn’t want to do any work. I told him in the current condition I’d list it for a price of $310,000. However, if he agreed to repairs and updates that I felt were necessary to maximize his investment, I thought it would sell for about $50,000 more. After a lot of enthusiastic persuasion the seller agreed. He spent $8000 and I had it painted, staged and maintained and the home sold for $375,000! Only spend money fixing up your home when it gets you a return. Moral of this home story? Don’t waste time & energy, do what counts and adds value. This home was parade ready within a month and sold in the first few days!





21 Years Same Owners With Too Much Stuff

1308 NW Abernethy, Portland, OR 97229

My own personal family residence for 21 years filled with furniture, family & pets. How do I show the home and get the most of the listing when we are all so busy? New carpet was needed upstairs so that meant moving all of the furniture for that and I didn’t want to move furniture back in for staging and then have to move out all over again. We moved out, got new carpet and made the fixes needed. I used some of our own things and some from the stager since we weren’t going to be living there. The garage became our storage unit and all of the closets and drawers were emptied and the home looked fresh and new. Originally I would have listed the home for $675,000 but after about $10,000 worth of work and us moving out, we sold the home for $766,000. Taking that extra time to pack up and get rid of everything we no longer loved paid off. Our long time home was ready and inviting for the next owners.





Modern Farmhouse

8721 SW 46th Ave, Portland, OR 97219

What do you do with a brand new construction home that sat on the market for months and didn’t sell? Call Amy. It was a fantastic home, but needed a fresh perspective. Another agent had it listed prior, so I was called in to take over and get it sold fast. First thing I did was call in my favorite stager. She and I brought in some life and then I marketed the heck out of the home the old fashioned way. I got on the phone and called brokers all around town! 36 brokers came on tour and none of them had even seen the home before. Why? The home needed someone to be its champion, to invite others in with fresh energy and the home needed to tell the story of who would live there. Sold!