Portland February 8, 2021

See My Toes

Inspired by people that are trying something new this past year? I sure am! I’m always curious to hear the story behind what makes people tick and how they come up with their business ideas. My high “ideaphoria” kicks in whenever I learn something new and I can’t wait to share and match you to new favorite places and people.

This past year, I kept hearing about a company called See My Toes so I checked it out for myself and loved the story behind the brand. My fun neighbor, Lauren, gave me a gift of a super gold, sparkly toenail polish. Then my fellow realtor friend, Meg, told me about her friend Robin that started a new company so it’s connections galore!

The creator & owner, Robin Lanahan, thought fingers were getting all the special treatment and started a company focused on the feet. Testing began about a year ago with moms and teenage daughters with the aim to sell directly to businesses. Ms. Lanahan lives in Portland and has a son that goes to school with my daughter, Vivian. Polishes have names inspired by her Yoga mat and names of things you’re looking at when you’re looking at your feet (think Paddle Out, Pool Float, Wildwood Trail, Happy Baby) So simple and so fun! Her photos on the website www.seemytoes.com are absolutely dreamy.

Seems like I’m fantasizing of sunny vacations. Is anyone else?? May we break out some new ideas and inspire ourselves to continue trying new things. I’ll be watching what See My Toes insights in my imagination and hope you’ll be inspired to try something new this year, too.

She so generously gave me a promo code to share with my friends and clients. Thank you Robin! You can find See My Toes products at all sorts of local places around Portland or go to the website and enter promo code AMYLOVESPORTLAND for 20% off. Here’s the catch– codes have to be ALL CAPS.

Enjoy the Long-lasting, luxurious polish designed for your toes. 10-Free. Vegan. Cruelty-free. Made in USA.