Real or Virtual?

Virtual Staging Adds Options for Sellers

A well presented home will draw more attention from serious buyers and can greatly decrease the amount of time the home is on the market.

77% of buyers’ agents say that staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize the property as their future home.

49% of buyers’ agents say that staging a home increases the dollar value offered

62% of sellers’ agents say that staging a home decreases the amount of time a home spends on the market

93% of agents recommend that sellers declutter their home before putting it on the market

Staging Pie Chart

We believe that a staged home will capture more buyers attention and sell for a higher amount.  However, we do understand that staging a home is not always the right option for our sellers.  This is where virtual staging can be a great alternative in the right situation.

Before + After | How I Market Using Virtual Staging

Hip NW Portland Studio

Good things come in small packages.  But sometimes a buyer needs a little help imagining what those small packages might look like.  This was a great opportunity to put our virtual staging skills to task and leave nothing to a buyers imagination as to how great this studio condo really was!

One Owner Home in SW Portland

This SW Portland home was custom built in the 1970's and loved by one family through the years.  It was in need of updates to suit today's buyers but the grown children who were tasked with the selling of the family home weren't able to take the time or finances needed for a whole home remodel.  Instead they chose to price the home based upon the current condition and did a great job de-cluttering, cleaning and we took care of the rest!  The results allowed today's buyers to see the diamond in the rough.

Out of State Sellers in SE Portland

We were contacted to put this SE Portland home on the market after the sellers had already moved out of state.  They wanted their Portland home on the market ASAP.  So with very little time to market this home in a super hot market, we elected to virtually stage some of the key rooms of this home to attract the most buyers.

Let the Games Begin

Staging isn't only about making a home look good.  It's a great way to show potential buyers all of the different ways a homes spaces can be used. This home in SW Portland had a very large lower level bonus area.  One area had enough space for a billard table, poker table, sofa and a bar.  So we thought we'd help the buyers see the FUN in this house by virtually staging a great game room for entertaining during the big game!

Eye Popping Exteriors

Trying to time a homes photo shoot with the weather, time of day and ideal lighting in the Pacific Northwest can be downright frustrating.  But with a little virtual staging magic, we can even make the exterior of a home photo ready no matter what the weather brings.