Bring on the cozy blankets, warm fires and a hot beverage.  It's FALL and I am here for it!

I was browsing through a magazine recently and was so inspired by the warm tones I saw. It instantly calmed my mood and I found myself taking a nice deep breath.  There is just something about embracing nature's colors and muted tones that just relaxes me.  I came across this stunning photo of a boutique hotel in Palm Springs that I stayed at not that long ago and I just love how they transformed the space for the season (it didn't look like this when I was there in April).  By making simple changes like swapping out the pillows, adding a cozy blanket and maybe even doing something a little more *extreme* like changing your lamp shades to something a little darker can transform the look and feel of entire room.  What will you do to embrace the season?

Happy Fall!

Love, Amy