Real Estate February 10, 2021

Let Me Be Your Matchmaker

Recently I received an “Ask Amy” question came from my good clients who want to purchase a second home near their family in Wisconsin. “Can you represent me in the state of Wisconsin?” The answer is that I’m licensed in Oregon and each state has different requirements, so the answer is “no” not personally. However, I can refer you to someone who can represent you in the area. It’s important that you have the best representation and someone local that understands the market. I am able to refer you to someone I know and help navigate the process of finding a trusted advisor. Because I attend a lot of classes and seminars as a Windermere agent, I meet a lot of people both in our local network and beyond.

I  love playing matchmaker for my clients. Windermere has a network of 300+ offices and 6500+ agents throughout the US. As a relocation specialist, I have connections with trusted real estate agents in North America and in 70 countries throughout the world. Whether your mom (or someone you know) is moving to Texas or Timbuktu or you are ready to purchase your dream vacation home, let me match you with a top agent in another location.

Let’s connect. I would love to help and am never too busy for your referrals.