FoodPortland February 12, 2021

Rose and Lincoln Juices

Apparently I’m dreaming of sunny vacations and will do anything possible to drink and eat like I’m dipping my toes in the sand on a tropical island. Cut to some sea breeze sounds and crashing wave sounds all around me, even if it’s coming from my headphones!

These past two weekends I’ve been showing homes in the SE Hawthorne District and stopped by this festive, little place called Rose & Lincoln Juicery. Reminds me of a beach side bar with the yummiest drinks and smiley people to greet you. I ordered the Beach Please, of course. The drink is exactly what you’d imagine and even has an umbrella to top it off.  This drink was made in honor of Portland’s Pina Colada King, Alfredo Climaco, who lost his life to Covid-19 complications and loved serving up tropical drinks at his restaurant Tropicale. The Pineapple, Banana, Coconut & Fresh OJ smoothie tastes exactly like the beach vacay I’m craving.

Kimiko is the wonderful owner and we got to talk for a few minutes on Saturday. Her infectious spirit and sparkly eyes peering above her mask will keep me coming back. When I asked her how she got started she said her friends were always talking about their fancy spring break trips and vacations and instead of missing out she wanted to create that vacation experience every day. Inspiring!

Everything is fresh and the place is a fun respite from the dreary streets and wintery vegetation we have right now.  Named after her grandparents who lived on the streets Rose & Lincoln in Venice, California, we are glad you’re here in Portland!

Rose & Lincoln is currently open Friday – Sunday 11-5. I challenge you to go explore a different local neighborhood this weekend. Mix it up, get out and explore local Portland, because like Rose & Lincoln, I believe being healthy means being happy and this place makes me super happy!

Go say “hi” and tell them Amy sent you. Better yet, text me and I’ll meet you there for a bit of sunshine in a cup!